San Antonio Ballroom Dance Lessons, San Antonio Country Western Dance Lessons, San Antonio Wedding Dance Lessons, San Antonio Salsa Dance Lessons, San Antonio Swing Dance Lessons Ballroom Dance Lessons / Wedding Dance Lessons / Salsa Dance Lessons / Latin Dance Lessons / Country 2-Step Lessons / Swing Dance Lessons / Ballroom and Latin Dance Fitness Classes/ Ballroom dance lessons in San Antonio, Texas from the best ballroom dance, latin dance, swing dance and country western dance Instructors at San Antonio's Premier Ballroom Dance Studios. Ballroom Dance Sport Connection of San Antonio connects you with the best ballroom dance classes and ballroom dance lessons in SA. We offer ballroom dancing lessons, wedding dance lessons, country western dance lessons, country line dancing, latin dance lessons, salsa dance lessons, swing dance lessons, west coast swing dance, Quinceneara dance lessons, bachata dance lessons, tejano dance, tango dance lessons, waltz and foxtrot and much more for couples and singles at our San Antonio ballroom dance studios. No partner necessary! Private dance lessons, group classes, dance parties, or learn with us in the privacy of your own home. Let us help you get ready for your wedding first dance for your San Antonio wedding. We can help you choreograph a fun and memorable first dance for your wedding, quinceanera, bar or bat mitzvah. Call Ballroom Dance Sport Connection of San Antonio today to try a dance lesson in San Antonio. Please call 210-862-8623 for information.
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Ballroom Dance Sport Connection offers private ballroom dancing lessons & ballroom dance classes for your needs and comfort level in San Antonio, TX. "Connect" with the best San Antonio ballroom dance instructors, ballroom dance lessons in San Antonio, ballroom dance studios in San Antonio while learning ballroom dancing in San Antonio, Texas. Private and Semi-Private ballroom dancing lessons, dance classes in San Antonio, San Antonio Dance Lessons in San Antonio Texas with Ballroom Dance Sport Connection of San Antonio Texas. No Partner needed for our ballroom dance lessons San Antonio. All ages and levels welcome at our San Antonio dance studios.

Learn Ballroom Dancing for Weddings, Exercise, or just for fun at our San Antonio dance studios! Impress and surprise someone special. Find ballroom dance studios where our Award-Winning Certified Ballroom Dance Instructors teach in San Antonio, TX. Ballroom Dance Sport Connection has the best ballroom dance lessons and ballroom dance classes and Salsa dancing instruction in San Antonio, Texas. Ballroom Dance Sport Connection has ballroom dance instructors that teach Country Western dancing, experts at teaching all kinds of Latin and Swing dancing, and those with “two left feet” or the “rhythmically challenged”. Call us today to try an Introductory Lesson.  

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Join us for San Antonio dance lessons !

Dances We Teach at our San Antonio Dance Studio:

– Wedding Dance Lessons & Social Dancing
– Wedding First Dance Choreography to your Special Song
– Country Western Dancing : Country 2-Step , Country Shuffle and Swing, Triple Two Step, Polka, Nightclub
– Latin Dance for Nightclub or Social Dancing :  Salsa, Tejano Dance, Cha Cha, Bachata, Merengue
– Special Occasion Dances : Quinceaneras , Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Dance, First Dance for Bride and Groom, Bridal Party Dance, Anniversary Parties, Theme Parties, Singles Dance, and Birthday Parties
– Swing Dancing : West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Single Step, Lindy, Jitterbug, Jive
– International & American Ballroom Dances : Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep
– American Rhythm Dances : Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero, Mambo
– International Latin Dances : Cha Cha, Rhumba, Samba, Paso Doble, Jive
– Club Dances : Hustle, Night Club 2-Step, West Coast Swing, Freestyle
– Tango : International Style, American, and Argentine Tango
– Line Dancing : Country Western, Cha Cha, Salsa, or we can choreograph one to any song you like!
– Dance Fitness Classes: Zumba, LaBlast, Ladies Styling Classes, Ladies StripTease, Burlesque 
– Specialty classes for Men Only and Women Only classes.

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5 Ways to Learn Ballroom Dancing in San Antonio TX with Ballroom DanceSport Connection of San Antonio. It is not required that a student utilizes each of these kinds of dancing instructions or san antonio dance classes, but the more methods use will definitely help you develop the skill, confidence, grace, poise, and  precision, that is needed to become a fun and popular dancer with many dance partners or just to look and feel your very best for yourself.

Private Dance Lessons gives the student a 100% personal attention on every dancing lesson with your professional ballroom dance instructor at our San Antonio Ballroom. You will learn to dance the quickest in a private dancing lesson as your dance teacher will be able to point out areas that need improvement immediately. Corrections and improvements made early prevents picking up bad habits. Learn personalized techniques and styling to look and feel your best. Your San Antonio ballroom lessons are designed specifically for you and your needs. Choose only the dances you want to learn. Learn to dance to a song you like or learn to dance to many songs.

Group Dance Classes gives the student a chance to explore many styles of ballroom dancing with multiple dance partners. You will learn to lead and follow many different partners of all ages, shapes, and sizes.  Group classes are a great way for students to meet other students learning to dance.

Dance Practice Sessions gives students a chance to practice what they have learned in ideal conditions. Like all sports, once we learn in a safe controlled environment, it’s time to put it to the test. Practice sessions could be dance studio parties or dance outings where you must lead or follow a real partner to live music without instruction, interruption or talking. You must put what you know and what you think you know to the test by dancing in a real environment with other people dancing around you .This kind of dance instruction will give your dance instructor a chance to observe your learning process so they may tailor your private dancing lessons in san antonio texas to help you improve your dancing in areas that might need extra help.

Showcase Sessions gives a student a chance to set a goal and learn a routine or to refine a dance you might know but would like to know better. You will learn a fun routine you might not necessarily do for social dancing but a Showcase dance will give you a chance to add personality and style into your dancing lessons and teach you how to develop moves that will help you stand out from the rest. It will also give you a chance to invite friends and family to come an see what you have learned. Learn to dance for an audience. This is important in developing confidence in learning how to dance because often when we dance in real life, people are watching us. It doesn’t matter if you are dancing at a wedding, a night club, on vacation, or wherever. You will always have eyes on you. You must feel confident you have the skills to look and feel your very best . The only way to achieve this is to practice being on display, but in the comfort of friends and family that will support us. It also is cool to be able to show off and impress those we know.

Competitive Dance Preparation gives a student the chance to test their dancing skills in a competitive arena. This is not required of a student, but some students enjoy the competitive side of sports. It’s fun to force yourself to learn more advance and intricate dancing techniques, performance skills, and showmanship. When we set a goal or deadline, we are more likely to push ourselves to reach our highest potential in everything we do. Competing also allows you to meet other dancers from different parts of the world that have similar goals, desires, and ambitions as you. You will dance with others that set higher standards for themselves as well. This will give you a chance to see how you compare with others in your age group and level of dance. You will also be exposed to dancers that are much better at dancing than you. Being able to see higher levels of dancing is a great way to learn and improve. In all sports and in professional  life, we are only as good as the company we keep. We learn so much more from others that are better and more experienced than us.




San Antonio Dance Lessons offered in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas at our San Antonio Dance Studio.

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Ballroom Dance Sport Connection offers ballroom dance lessons at San Antonio's Premier Ballroom Dance Studios in Texas. Call on us for Ballroom Dance Lessons in San Antonio, TX for all your dancing needs. Latin Dance Lessons in San Antonio, TX are available to beginners to advance dancers. We at Ballroom DanceSport Connection of San Antonio, TX don't just teach you the steps but the skills necessary to feel comfortable and shine on the dance floor. Our ballroom dance instructors offer the best in Country Western Dance Lessons in the San Antonio,TX area. Swing Dance Lessons in San Antonio include: east coast swing, west coast swing, Lindy, Jive, Jitterbug swing, the Charleston, and single and 2-step swing. You will find the best in Wedding Dance instruction from our San Antonio, TX dance studios. Our dance instructors have over 25 years experience in teaching wedding dance lessons.